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Can you take cigars on a plane?


Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to travel for the holidays, and I'm wondering: is it possible to take cigars on an airplane? I would love to bring some of my favorites to share, but I definitely have a few concerns:

  • Can I take cigars on a plane?
  • If so, what are the rules and regulations?
  • Does anyone have any tips or tricks on best storage/safest travel methods?
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Lounge Concierge

Cigars are allowed in both checked & carry on bags, I always travel with mine and have done both depending where I'm going. I always put my accessories in my checked bags, TSA will confiscate cutters & lighters tho if the lighter is empty (no butane) they may let you keep it.

I have different size hard cases and travel with those, that way I don't have to worry about the cigars being damaged. If you don't have a case, I'd say use a zip lock bag & wrap them in clothing to pad them.

Petite Edmundo

All I would say is make sure that you seal whatever the cigars are in completely.   Cigars are like sponges and they will pick up all the funky smells in an airplane