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Can you take cigars on a plane?

Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to travel for the holidays, and I'm wondering: is it possible to take cigars on an airplane? I would love to bring some of my favorites to share, but I definitely have a few concerns: Can I take cigars on a plane? If...

How Can I Tell If My Cigars Are Fresh?

Hello everyone! Today's beginner question from your resident newcomer is regarding freshness of cigars. I have a handful of cigars in my humidor and I'm humidifying with Boveda packs (72%). I want to make sure all of my cigars are still fresh and get...

Flavored or Infused Cigars

To preface, I've smoked very few cigars so far (I think 4 to date). I have a few flavored cigars in my collection currently including an Acid 20 and Acid Kuba Kuba. What are everyone's thoughts on flavored/infused cigars? Any recommendations for good...

Fresh Cigar

How can you tell if you cigar is still fresh and not stale (I guess is the way to describe it) BEFORE you smoke it? 

gabrielle by Community Manager
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