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Cold Weather

Community Manager
Community Manager

What is the weather like where everyone else lives? This cold and rainy weather is really putting a damper on my cigar smoking... 

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It's rainy and cold in New Jersey, but I won't let that stop my cigar smoking! Mainly because I have my covered porch and heat lamp to keep warm and dry! 😎 I know a few buddies of mine smoke cigars in their garage with space heaters to cure the cold/rainy/snowy blues.

Oh heat lamps are probably a game changer! I should look into that! 


I live in Upstate NY, while we only had 1 snowfall mid-November, it's been really cold here. Too cold for me to smoke on my deck, and yes I have a heat lamp and I'm still cold.  I've been smoking in my bathroom, patiently waiting for Spring 2023 to arrive.  😂

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

This weather is the perfect time for me to break out the little Mi Querida Gorditas!

Petite Edmundo

Definitely getting colder here in Ohio. Been smoking Rothschild and petit corona sizes lately. Also discovered a great laid back lounge where I can smoke inside. 😎💥💨💨