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Best Cigar Lighters


Getting Started

If there’s one thing that can ruin your cigar experience, it’s a bad light. Whether it doesn’t want to spark, chews through your butane at breakneck speed, or imparts a foul taste to your cigar, a bad cigar lighter is going to set you off on the wrong foot.

That’s why most cigar enthusiasts have their own lighter they prefer. And they probably carry it with them wherever they go.

But what lighter do you choose? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of options on the market ranging from the simple Bic lighter at a gas station, to $3,000 bespoke pieces crafted to look like the Mars rover. The good news is you don’t need to break the bank for a great lighter. Here, we’ve collected our favorite lighters on the market today and outline just what makes them so great.

But first, let’s explore what we’re looking for in the ideal light.

What Makes A Good Cigar Lighter?

To pick the best cigar lighter, we need to add some qualifications. First, let’s talk about what we don’t want. A flame that burns with any sort of aroma to it will impart that aroma to your cigar and affect the flavor. For example, the classic Zippo looks (and sounds) great, but the lighter fluid that fuels it will make your smoke taste like gasoline.

To solve that, we’re going to want a lighter that burns with purely butane. The good news is that basically anything branded as a “cigar lighter” is going to use butane, so you won’t have to look far. This fuel burns clean and aroma free and shouldn’t affect the flavor of your cigar at all.

Another major factor we consider is whether the lighter has a cover over the flame. It sounds like a small factor, but wait until your lighter stops working because some lint got in the ignition, and you’ll understand why this is so critical.

Finally, I want a lighter that’s going to be travel friendly. Ideally, I can throw it in my pocket, and if it can take a little bit of a beating without showing the wear and tear, that’s a plus too.

With all that in mind, let’s get into our choices.

Best Cigar Lighters Reviewed

Best Overall: Xikar Tactical Triple


The Xikar Tactical Triple lighter takes our top award thanks to the combination of its price point, efficiency, and useability. Available in four different colors, the Xikar Tactical Triple can be yours for just $100 – a great price for a lighter that’s going to serve you well for years.

This lighter has everything I’m looking for in a premium option. It’s a sleek and relatively slim design that’s easy to throw in your pocket. There’s an included clip if you’re the type that likes to utilize such functions.

On the useability side, this lighter is everything you want. You’ll find an easy view fuel window to see how much butane you have left, plus an oversized adjustment wheel to tweak the flame. Up top, the pull down trigger releases a powerful triple torch which is inline to increase precision. Add in wind resistance and the Xikar limited lifetime warranty, and you’ve got a certified winner.

Best High End: S.T. Dupont Defi XXTreme Lighter


If budget is no concern and you really want the top of the line lighter, you can’t do better than S.T. Dupont. Simply put, Dupont spares no expense when it comes to the manufacturing of their product, and the result of the work is obvious anytime you use one of their tools.

The Dupont XXTreme lighter is capable of handling the most adverse situations. Its design is shockproof and lightweight, with a reliable dual torch built in. Rated up to 11,000 feet in altitude and effective from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, you can basically light your cigar anywhere except for the peak of Everest. You’ll also find a large fuel window up the side and an oversized adjustment wheel to make sure you can tune it to your preferences.

Runner-Up: Xikar Tactical Single


Our runner up choice is another offering from Xikar, the Tactical Single Jet Flam Lighter. This is in the same series as our overall winner but swaps out the triple-flame for a single. Typically, we recommend at least a dual torch. With the Tactical Single, though, Xikar has created an oversized jet that’s about 25% larger than your standard single flame.

The Tactical Single may still struggle with 60-ring cigars, but anything 50 or under should get going nice and quickly. The other slight knock against this lighter is the size – it’s rather round, so if you’re going to carry it in your pocket, you may find it a little robust. That being said, this is the lighter that I personally use the most, though I recognize the Tactical Triple is likely a better choice for most.

What’s Next?

Those are our choices for the best cigar lighters on the market. We carry them all if you’re looking to pick up a new piece (make sure to grab some butane, too!). Did we miss your favorite choice? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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