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Do you have a favorite cutter?

Petite Corona

My question to everyone is, what is your favorite style of cut? Straight Cut, V-Cut, X-Cut, Crown Cut, Punch Cut? Some of you might even be thinking, what do you mean X cut or Crown Cut? Well both of those use a V-Cutter to do the following.



Anyway, after trying all different styles of cutting my cigar I always find my way back to the trusty old straight cut. It's simple and neat, gives me the best draw on my cigar. My favorite cutter is the Xikar XO, I have the red with black blades one and in the past 7 years I did have to buy a 2nd one just this year, but I just can't get as good of an enjoyable smoke from any other cutter. 


So what is your favorite style cutter and cut style?

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The Xikar VX2 is my go to cutter, smooth mechanics, sharp & durable . RLC_0834.JPG (1).jpg

Merch Manager
Merch Manager

My favorite style cut is definitely the V-cut, specifically the Xikar VX2. I think it provides a perfect draw and my favorite part is it never cracks my cigar. The blade is so sharp and cuts inward on the cigar which really reduces cracking, which I have experienced with other cutters. Whenever I bring this out in front of my friends who don't smoke cigars, they always ask if it's like the equivalent to the Lamborghini of cigar cutters, and my answer is always yes. It's top of the line and is my consistent go to!