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What to smoke for the Master's

Tee it up with taste! As the Masters Golf Tournament gears up for another epic showdown on the greens, it's time to add a little extra flair to your game. While the pros battle it out for the coveted green jacket, why not indulge in a bit of luxury ...

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The Best Chinos for Men Are a Wardrobe Workhorse - Beau Hayhoe

Just like you find comfort in a reliable cigar brand – while occasionally branching out to try new offerings – your menswear wardrobe can function in much the same way. There’s plenty of potential to find consistent pieces you actually enjoy wearing,...

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PCA 2024 - New Products

What new PCA is everyone most excited about? Personally, seeing the new Tatuaje Monster Smash Sampler made me smile from ear to ear. I just opened up my last Monster Mash Sampler and smoked the Frank out in Vegas - so seeing that really got me excite...

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Your Guide To Dressing for Valentine’s Day - Beau Hayhoe

Tips for the year’s biggest date night – at home or on the town. There are few holidays that call for you to put your best foot forward quite like Valentine’s Day. There’s the matter of finding the proper gift for your significant other, as well as p...

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Here’s What to Wear to Watch The Big Game - Beau Hayhoe

 Superb style at home or at your favorite watering hole There’s a newfound glitz and glamor associated with the Big Game – it’s a place to see and be seen, with entertainment and flair to match. Watching far away from the confines of one of the bigg...

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Foot Bands

I'm starting a petition to abolish the footband. Give me a kudos or something if you want in!

Spring is coming! Time to stock up

The warm weather is so close I can taste it. I recently did some nice spring cleaning on my humidors to make room for my first spring haul - some Cavalier Inner Circle, ADVentura Explorer, Aladino Corojo, and a few samplers to round it out. What are ...

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What cigars have the best packaging?

Good morning everyone!Random thought. What cigar (or company) has the best packaging? My personal favorites are by Tatuaje and Black Label Trading Co. I love Tatuaje's packaging on most of their products, but my favorite by them is the Monster Mash S...

KoryB by Corona
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David "Big Papi" Ortiz has his own cigar?!

Good morning!Being a die hard Yankees fan, I still love and respect David Ortiz, a legendary first basemen who played for the Red Sox. What I did not know is that he has his own limited-edition cigars that are out now. With Opening Day approaching, t...

KoryB by Corona
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Fun Facts about Michael Jordan

Hello everyone!I LOVE basketball. I have always been a fan of basketball. Love him or hate him, Michael Jordan was special and one of a kind during his time in the NBA. His name is still brought up in debates 20-30 years later comparing his legacy to...

KoryB by Corona
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Viaje Shotgun Shells - Review Thread

Just saw Viaje is releasing a new batch of Shotgun Shells in Buckshot and Super Shot. I personally have not had the opportunity to smoke anything in this line before, but I think this is one of the coolest cigar concepts I have ever seen! What do yo ...

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Tres Delincuentes by Cavalier Geneve

Whose seen the new Tres Delincuentes by Cavalier? The artwork is some of the most unique I’ve ever seen on cigar packaging. @Bmo2023 and the team have done it again! I personally can’t wait to get my hands on all three of these blends, but I’m partic...

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matthewp by Merch Manager
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Undercrown 10

So, did anybody watch the Drew Estate Freestyle Live event last night?It was a great show!I was enjoying the broadcast with one of my favorite Drew Estate Cigars, the Undercrown 10.And yes, I left the ribbon on. It's called smoking #thongstyle.  


Favorite Cigars for Christmas?

Hello everyone! Christmas is just one week away, and I'm looking to stock up on some selections to enjoy this holiday season. Does anyone have any recommendations for cigars they enjoy during the Christmas holiday?


Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 of 2022 are rolling out!

Hello everyone, as someone who is relatively new to smoking cigars, I'm very excited to read about Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 cigars of 2022. I saw they announced #8, 9, and 10 yesterday, and have #5, 6, and 7 coming today. In the spirit of the rankin...


Thanksgiving Dinner!

Alright Cigora fans, what’s everyone’s favorite menu item on Thanksgiving? Mine has to be stuffing - I look forward to this all year round! Think after dinner I’ll light up a Room101 FARCE Maduro!

matthewp by Merch Manager
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Weekend Plans

Does anyone have plans this weekend? I definitely worked in a few hours to pre-distress (if that's a thing) and smoke a cigar before the festivities begin next week! Anyone else?

Challenging to pick one

... sitting here on a not-so-cold day, trying to figure out what I should fill the air with. I am thinking of some jazz and cigar smoke. I have in my hand a Don Pepin Garcia Blue and a Foundation OLMEC. Which one should I enjoy first?

gyata by Petite Edmundo
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Southern Draw Live event tonight - Anybody else joining?

Looking forward to the Southern Draw live event tonight on Instagram that Cigora is hosting! Will anybody else in this group be joining? I still need to figure out which cigar I want to smoke while tuning in. 

LG by Petite Edmundo
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What Cigar is Your Go-To Celebratory Smoke?

While I'm not THE Philly Sports Guy (See my man to the left), I am a HUGE Philadelphia sports fan, and we are currently living in a time where: the Flyers are outperforming expectations, the Sixers are touted to be a top team in the Eastern Conferenc...

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The Third Saturday in October

Any college football fans out there that watched what turned out to be a thriller of a game on Saturday night? The Third Saturday in October is a storied event between Alabama and Tennessee, with the last Tennessee victory coming in 2006. But that al...


Tatuaje Monster Mash

Has anybody tried out the Tatuaje Monster Mash sampler yet? I just got my hands on one and looking for some recommendations on some pairings if anybody has tried them out. I am personally really excited to try out the new Creature! Let me know your t...

matthewp by Merch Manager
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Looking forward to new releases

Its almost "cigar season" - where the retailers receive new products launching at the trade shows.  Pretty excited for this years releases, as usual.  Who is with me?