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Fun Facts about Michael Jordan


Hello everyone!

I LOVE basketball. I have always been a fan of basketball. Love him or hate him, Michael Jordan was special and one of a kind during his time in the NBA. His name is still brought up in debates 20-30 years later comparing his legacy to Lebron James and the late Kobe Bryant (he is my favorite out of the 3, Rest in Peace Black Mamba). The reason I am bringing up Jordan is because I recently came across his interview with Cigar Aficionado, where he discussed his time in the NBA, the current state of the NBA, cigars, wine, and plenty more. One thing I did not know about him is how many cigars he smokes on average per day, and that magic number is 6. He loves Partagas Lusitania's but he is open to trying new ones. I personally never had a Partagas cigar myself but definitely on my radar. If you haven't seen the interview, click here . Did you know this about Jordan? Let me know your thoughts! 

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