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My daily go-to cigar accessories

By nature, I am an extremely methodical person. I wake up at the same time everyday, have the same routine, sit at the same tables at restaraunts, and keep everything in a tidy order. Usually if one of those things gets out of place then my whole day...

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Just Arrived!

 Just received my first sample order from Cigora, including a surprise Founder Box! Can't wait to explore these new sticks! Thank you, Cigora!


Vintage Ashtrays

My Opa (Grandpa in Dutch) was a man who loved the ritual of smoking, and as such, he collected quite a few ashtrays over the years. After he passed away many of his ashtrays went into storage not to seen again until recently when I was helping my dad...

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pschoff by Petite Corona
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A peak into my aging humidor

It's been a while since I took a peak into my treasure chest humidor that I use for aging cigars. It's amazing what I found in there that I totally forgot I had. Plus many more on the bottom row.

mbfoto33 by Petite Edmundo
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Lunch & Dinner

Hump day? More like HERF day. Getting that work in. Oliva 130 FIF, get in my belly!Bye for now.