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The Best Smoked Items from Across the World

Smoking foods is a time-tested method of preservation that also happens to make your meals insanely delicious.   A slow, low smoking session enhances and intensifies flavors, without breaking down or transforming your ingredients in the same way as c...

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Classic Cocktail and Cigar Pairings - Kevin Gray

Wine and whiskey get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to cigar pairings, and for good reason. Both drinks are delicious on their own and shine even brighter when matched with a compatible cigar. But don’t stop your pairing journey there, b...

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How to Pair Cigars and Spirits - Kevin Gray

Countless hours and words have been dedicated to pairing wine with food, as chefs, sommeliers and enthusiasts explore the synergies created between dish and drink. But pairings go beyond this popular duo, with thoughtful combinations of food and beer...

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Thanksgiving Drink and Smoke

I'm a bourbon guy through and through, but not all day. I prefer it as my evening libation. Never been a huge gin guy, but I will say I've found more and more botanical gins that are interesting, even just over a little ice and no mixer. Revivalist G...

Dahoos78 by Petite Edmundo
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Best Thanksgiving Spirits - Nicolas Stecher

All hail Thanksgiving, easily one of America’s greatest inventions. No pressure buying gifts or planning some opulent celebration, just breaking bread and clinking glasses with the ones you love (or sometimes simply have to tolerate). This year skip ...

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What's your favorite cigar & drink pairing?

I know this is probably an impossible question to answer, but does anybody have a favorite cigar and drink pairing? I very recently smoked the Tatuaje Lomo De Cerdo and had a Kona Golden Ale and it very well might be the best pairing I have experienc...

matthewp by Merch Manager
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What is your favorite drink to have with your cigar?

Hello everyone!What is your favorite drink to have with your cigars (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, doesn't matter)? I know it can vary depending on the cigar itself. This weekend I had a Buffalo Trace cigar with Buffalo Trace bourbon, and It was amazin...

KoryB by Corona
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Weekend Vibes

Having some girls over for red wine and cigars, any advice on what cigars to pair with dry reds? 


Anybody have any favorite bourbon and cigar pairings? Taking any and all recommendations! Looking to try some new things this month.

LG by Petite Edmundo
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Tequila & Cigar Pairings

Howdy B/SOTL.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (or when you read this post, your day).When I started smoking cigars May 2001, I was very much in love with rum.  Fast forward to September 2016, I've since moved away from rum (neat), and starte...

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Hot Chocolate and Cigars?

I totally want hot chocolate tonight around the campfire.. So I'm going to light up a cigar and try it out with my cocoa. I'll let you know how the paring turns out!  

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Seafood Mac & Cheese and Cigars

Mention the words “mac and cheese” and you’ll immediately get people’s attention; it can spark intense emotions and debates. Mac and cheese can be made a lot of ways, some better than others but one way to elevate the dish is to add seafood. Growing ...

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RegC by Robusto
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More seafood & cigars

Spent part of yesterday in Hoboken NJ, checked out The Turning Point and had the Lobster, shrimp and cheddar grits. Which were excellent, not mention the view of the NYC skyline across the Hudson.  My after-brunch cigar choice was the RoMa Craft To...

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RegC by Robusto
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Coffee & Cigars

Do you guys have a favorite cigar to pair with a nice cup of coffee? I love trying new blends with my coffee on Saturday mornings. Tried out a Cabaiguan by Tatuaje and it really hit the spot!

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matthewp by Merch Manager
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When a cruise allows you to explore...

Normally, I choose a whiskey to enjoy with a Jacob's Ladder. I was surpised at how well a Pinot Noir 's flavors meshed with this powerful smoke.When you have a beverage package on a cruise and access to beverages you don't normally keep in your house...


Creamy Garlic Shrimp with Parmesan

The Dinner There are few things that I enjoy more than kicking back and smoking a good cigar, as you can probably guess by the title one of them is food. Whether enjoying a dinner out or cooking at home, a great meal is like a cigar in that it impact...

RegC by Robusto
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Warped The Corto - Good end of summer smoke!

Tried a Warped Cigars - The Corto, was a perfect warm Labor Day weekend smoke. Leathery, with a nice medium body finish. Didn’t overpower the bourbon based libation. Served Florida style of course in a YETI so your ice ball doesn’t melt!  

KG by Petite Corona
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