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5 BEST eBikes For Any Need

As the weather starts heating up our attention turns from the cozy comforts of home to the call of the great outdoors, one of the best ways to explore this beautiful planet — whether that’s journeying through the urban jungle or climbing high into mo...

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The Best Candles to Uplift Your Home - Beau Hayhoe

There are rituals that, no matter how small, can elevate a day, a space and an experience from good to great. You know this well from your favorite cigar, but it can extend across plenty of different areas: Putting on a vinyl record, sliding into sty...

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Celebrity Outfit Hacks - Beau Hayhoe

It’s hard not to envy the rarified air inhabited by some of the coolest celebrities on the planet – actors who play superheroes, who’ve played James Bond, who’ve been rumored to play James Bond in the future… each with a distinct style all their own....

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The Best Vinyl Record Players Deliver Crystal-Clear Audio

For as popular as streaming services and elegant, stylish Bluetooth speakers are these days, there’s something deeply refreshing about the snap, crackle and pop of a vinyl record, not to mention the process of thumbing through bins of LPs in a cozy n...

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Must Visit Cigar Lounges - Las Vegas

PCA 2024 has been buzzing across the industry for the last month or so – and for good reason. We saw some amazing releases across a lot of our favorite brands. Personally – the announcement of the new Tatuaje Monster Smash was my favorite news of the...

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DISCOVER 5 Beautiful Winter Destinations - Nicolas Stecher

When it comes to winter and early spring vacations there are mainly two options to dive into. Most lean towards the swaying palm trees and azure water of the tropics— especially if you live anywhere where the run from your bed to the shower is the mo...

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Resolve to Drink Better in the New Year - Kevin Gray

6 Liquor Swaps for Better Drinking in 2024 Each new year is a new opportunity to make some positive changes in your life. But let’s skip the typical resolutions and focus on something that’s equally important: drinking better spirits. Because if you’...

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Cigar Slang

The other day I heard a guy call a cigar a Dog Rocket. I don't think he was very fond of it it. This one made me laugh. What's your favorite cigar slang term?