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The Coolest TVs to Upgrade Your Big Game Viewing Experience - Beau Hayhoe

Lounge Concierge

Duty calls, or in this case, the biggest night in football awaits. There’s the game itself, there’s the pageantry and spectacle, and yes, there’s the halftime show and a plethora of memorable commercials on the horizon. It all requires some careful thought and consideration as to how you’re going to be viewing the Big Game – a standard television set-up just won’t do. At least, that’s our opinion. The good news is, there’s plenty of time to amp up your entertainment system and place your bets – from the affordable to the opulent, these are the coolest televisions to fire up as you watch the “Big Game.”

Hisense 55-Inch Class A6 Series LED TV

Sometimes, watching the Big Game is about keeping things relatively simple – or in this case, it’s about keeping the focus on the competition on the screen, without worrying about dropping an arm and a leg on a high-quality entertainment set-up. You needn’t fret, as this Hisense TV packs excellent LED technology into a crisp, nicely sized 55-inch design. It’s also enabled with Smart TV technology, making for a superior viewing experience aside from the biggest football game of the year.


Sony 65-Inch Class X77L Television

You’ve put effort into your Big Game spread, your cigar selection and perhaps the most comfortable, stylish outfit to watch the Big Game. Ensure your television is every bit as worthy of the moment, thanks to the high color contrast display and sharp-as-can-be LED technology. At 65 inches, this is a nicely sized television for the den or family room, and as Sony notes, it boasts 4 times more pixels than even a full High-Definition set-up. Not bad for a TV that retails for under $600, right? Plus, it pairs up with Google for smart operation from the comfort of your couch.


Samsung Class QLED 4K Television

Samsung has made leaps and bounds in recent years as far as insanely well-defined picture quality is concerned, and that means you’ll never miss a second, a play, a touchdown or even a blade of grass at the Big Game. Billed by Samsung as a “bold new world of color and contrast,” 4K technology delivers sharp blow-by-blow quality, complete with adaptive technology that responds to the type of content you’re viewing. In this case, that means a major showdown worthy of its 70-inch screen. Plus, you get all of this for under a grand, which isn’t a bad deal in our book and leaves more in the budget for a few good smokes for the game.


LG OLED evo G3 Television

If you’ve been searching for an out-of-this-world television to complement your football viewing experience, or rather, to elevate to levels never before seen, LG just might fit the bill. Its OLED technology rivals other competitors on the market (to say the least), with a refresh rate of 120Hz for a truly seamless viewing experience. It’s also billed as the company’s brightest television yet, great news for Chiefs fans hoping to catch plenty of the action (and perhaps ideal for those more interested in the halftime, show, the commercials or a certain famous pop star girlfriend). Whatever your pursuit, you’re bound to catch it in thrilling fashion with this ingenious television.


AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV

It wouldn’t be the Big Game without a television and entertainment system worthy of the occasion – to say the very least. The AWOL Vision Vanish Laser TV is certainly splurge-worthy in either its gleaming 100-inch or 120-inch display options, with a design that rises and disappears from its own impressive smart display cabinet with just a few clicks.

The picture quality is unrivaled, and it comes with both 3-D and Game modes for versatility outside of just the sporting world. The best part is, you needn’t have a dedicated home theater set-up – anywhere with enough space can be transformed into the coolest (and yes, priciest) viewing experience you’ve ever seen.


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