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The Ultimate Guide to Relaxing at Home in Style This Winter - Beau Hayhoe

Lounge Concierge

Effortlessly Cool and Cozy Selections for Brisk Nights.

There’s a ritual to selecting a prized cigar or the perfect dram of whisky – and there can be just as much ritual, enjoyment and appreciation to dressing for that experience, even at home. Yes, that’s right: Relaxing at home in style is certainly possible, and it all starts with taking the basics (like your at-home sweats) and upgrading them ever-so-slightly.

Staying in for an evening needn’t mean reverting to dressing too casually. It can certainly be fun, particularly if you’re cooking up a hearty meal, enjoying a nice dram and kicking back with a quality cigar, all in style (of course). The key is opting for premium yet comfortable fabrics and pieces with some personality, from wool slippers to stylish (yet comfortable) pants and even an upgrade over your standard T-shirt. Take these tips to heart and make staying in an event unto itself.

Todd Snyder + Champion Relaxed Track Pants

Staying in for a relaxing evening in your abode is all about setting the tone. So, we say look beyond the ordinary in a refined way. These pants hail from the iconic Todd Snyder + Champion collection, pioneered by the designer as an upscale approach to athletic wear. These have a drawcord waist and comfortable cotton fabric, but a pincord front like dress pants. That makes them polished and stylish, not sloppy.

For an affordable, comfortable option, go with Uniqlo’s classic sweatpants in navy – the dark color is flattering and a change of pace from traditional light grey sweats or baggy pajama pants.


Proof 72-Hour Merino Henley

Leave your faded, worn-out tee in the drawer this time, and instead opt for something presentable and rugged. A henley is flattering no matter what, and is more stylish than a standard tee. Plus, the merino fabric gives it both breathable performance and winter warmth. A waffle henley from a designer like Todd Snyder is also a premium upgrade for at-home fashion.


Treasure & Bond Shawl Collar Cardigan

A shawl collar cardigan is a winter classic for a reason, with a handsome collar that frames the face and gives any look – yes, even a casual at-home look – a touch of rugged appeal. When you want to upgrade your #OOTD beyond a tried-and-true hoodie, a cardigan is a seriously classy move (almost as classy as a dram alongside your favorite cigar).


Greys Wool Outdoor Slippers

Remember, relaxing at home in style is all about going beyond the typical. And these warm wool “slipper-boots” are anything but typical, with a wool blend upper and a grippy rubber outsole you can even wear outside to restock your firewood supply.

Feel free to wear them with company around, rather than resorting to socks, we say. Richly crafted handsewn leather slippers from L.L. Bean are also a timeless, stylish move at a lower price.


Huckberry Beanie

Perhaps your home isn’t quite drafty enough to warrant a beanie cap, but if “staying in at home” means retreating to a log cabin for a cozy getaway, keep this effortlessly cool beanie close at hand.


Ash & Fir Upstate Candle

Enjoying a night at home is as much about the ambience and atmosphere as it is about what you’re wearing and sipping on. This luxurious-smelling yet affordable candle conjures up the charms of winter in a neat, apothecary-style container you can even reuse.


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