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Do we really need 3+ burner lighters?

This is more of a fun inquiry into all of ya'lls thoughts on the subject. I have my fair share of cigar accessories, but I find myself always reaching for the simple single flame lighter. I feel like its all you need to light the whole foot plus prec...

Dahoos78 by Petite Edmundo
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What type of cutter do you prefer?

Hello everyone!Just out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite kind of cutter to use? Personally, I love the guillotine cutter the most. Just seems like I always get a nice draw when I use a guillotine cutter. What about all of you?

KoryB by Corona
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Brizard & Co

Anybody else have Brizard & Co accessories? I love these items in black alligator that my awesome wife got me last year (and they match my watch!) Thoughts?

john_35 by Petite Edmundo
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The Xikar VX2 V-Cutter is my go to cutter.

The VX2 is one cutter that I always carry & it always performs flawlessly. Another thing that I like it about it is it has just enough heft/weight to it and it's rugged. These are pics of mine and I've dropped it more than a few times. 

RLC_0834 (1).jpg RLC_0836 (1).jpg
RegC by Robusto
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Do you have a favorite cutter?

My question to everyone is, what is your favorite style of cut? Straight Cut, V-Cut, X-Cut, Crown Cut, Punch Cut? Some of you might even be thinking, what do you mean X cut or Crown Cut? Well both of those use a V-Cutter to do the following. Anyway, ...

1.png 2.jpg

Bringing the heat...

My goto single flame has been the Vertigo Amigo these days.  Great little reliable lighter and looks sexy in red.   

Backup HERF gear…

My cool lighter is an ST DuPontThis isn’t my cool lighter…  bye for now   


Vintage Lighter

I'm big into antiques and vintage - usually I just find cool clothes or weird home decor, but this time I found a butane lighter shaped like a bird. And I love it. Works great, too. BONUS: the flame turns green when you use it. However, there is one ...

amelia by Petite Edmundo
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