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Looking for a great cutter


Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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I think it all depends on whether you want a variety of cutters at your disposal or just 1 cutter on-hand. While I've been very happy with my Xikar VX2 V-Cutter, I also have a Lotus Deception double guillotine cutter, a Lotus 11mm punch cutter, and a Colibri Quasar multi-punch cutter. Sometimes I'll just use the punch cutter at the bottom of my Vertigo Big Buddha Table Lighter. It all depends on my mood and the ring gauge of the cigar. But you can't go wrong with a dependable double-guillotine cutter!


Wow thanks guys! I need to check some out! 

Petite Edmundo

I got one of these French cutters as a gift.  Best cutter I've owned and unique.


Xikar's are also reliable and reasonably priced. 

Merch Manager
Merch Manager

Not sure if you have ever tried a v cut, but I am a huge fan of my Xikar VX2. While it might be right around $50, I think it is 100% worth it. The cutter is super durable and provides a perfect cut every time - the ole reliable of cigar cutters in my opinion!


I agree with Kevin 100%!  I have the Xikar Xi2 Cutter - Flag Print Fiberglass and it is still cutting consistently after years of use!


I invested in the Colibri SV cutter a couple of years ago and have loved it! If you can find one for under or around $50 then you won't ever need another. 

Alternatively, I've been told by older and wiser cigar smokers that you shouldn't buy an expensive cutter or lighter ever because there will always be an abundance of cheap ones lying around. 

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

I am a big fan of Xikar Xi2 cutters. They are really good cutters that you can get for under $50 and they will last you basically forever!