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Most Underrated Cigar

Hello everyone! I am curious on what you all think about this question, but what is the most underrated cigar you've had yet? Mine is the Man O' War Ruination. It's an all around great cigar to smoke, and in my opinion, I don't think it get's the rec...

KoryB by Corona
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Cigora Shipments

Does Cigora ship items separately sometimes or am I SOL? I ordered 2 5 packs and a box and was charged the full correct amount however only received the 2 5 packs. The box is missing. The packing slip I received has no mention of the box on it so I a...

Jeshba by Petite Corona
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Best ways to kill a cigar buzz

We have all dealt with cigar buzz at some point in our cigar journey, especially beginner and occasional smokers like myself. What are some good tips or "life hacks" to get rid of the cigar buzz when it is simply too much?  

KoryB by Corona
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Can you take cigars on a plane?

Hello everyone! I'm getting ready to travel for the holidays, and I'm wondering: is it possible to take cigars on an airplane? I would love to bring some of my favorites to share, but I definitely have a few concerns: Can I take cigars on a plane? If...

One cigar for the rest of your life?

If you could only smoke one cigar for the rest of your life, what would it be? Bonus points for a specific size as well! Really interested to see everyone's choices! I'll kick it off. It's a tough choice, but I would have to go with Tatuaje Black Pet...

KevinI by Lounge Presidente
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Can I Re-humidify a cigar?

I have some cigars haven't been kept properly, and I don't want to waste them. Does anyone know if it's possible to re-humidify cigars? Might be a silly question - Just thought Id ask. 

How Can I Tell If My Cigars Are Fresh?

Hello everyone! Today's beginner question from your resident newcomer is regarding freshness of cigars. I have a handful of cigars in my humidor and I'm humidifying with Boveda packs (72%). I want to make sure all of my cigars are still fresh and get...

Flavored or Infused Cigars

To preface, I've smoked very few cigars so far (I think 4 to date). I have a few flavored cigars in my collection currently including an Acid 20 and Acid Kuba Kuba. What are everyone's thoughts on flavored/infused cigars? Any recommendations for good...


I'm a long-time stoagie smoker interested in branching out into cigarillos. Mostly interested for when I don't have a whole lot of time and because they're easier on the budget. Any favorites that you'd recommend are more than welcome! Tap dat ash, b...

Nordic by Corona
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Founder's kit

I received the promotion to get 4 free cigars w/ purchase of $49.99 or more and when I did do the field for the promotion code was NOT present in my cart at check out. Will this promotion be applied because I'm obviously a new user that used the prom...

Kinch0811 by Petite Corona
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Thoughts on glass top humidors?

I'm looking to upgrade my humidor (currently have a 40-cigar capacity). I would love to get a glass top as I really enjoy the aesthetic, but I've heard they don't work as well as the non-glass top humidors due to issues with sealing and temperature. ...


Fresh Cigar

How can you tell if you cigar is still fresh and not stale (I guess is the way to describe it) BEFORE you smoke it? 

First Cigar

What was the first cigar you ever smoked? I THINK mine was Southern Draw Rose of Sharon. Which I loved. 

Cigar resting period

Hello Cigar Lover! I am asking what is the purpose of allowing for your cigars to rest in a humidor before smoking? I currently own a small desktop humidor that holds about 60 cigars. I am wanting to know how long cigars should be resting before smok...

What's the best advice you ever got?

When I began smoking, @joey  (our resident expert) told me, “If you find something you like, try it in every size.” Great advice. I pass it along to everyone. And secretly, vicariously feel like an expert, too. Thanks to that, I found not only my fav...

amelia by Petite Edmundo
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How do you handle your mail-order cigars?

This is something that has been discussed quite a bit, but I am curious what you all do with your cigars once you receive them via mail order.First, I live in a VERY rough climate for cigars. I’m in a desert. The summers average above 100 degrees and...

what is your favorite torch?

Looking for discussion about torches (cigar lighters). I have 3 and 4 flame models, all cheap. They work ok, but I'd like to step up a level, but spend less than $50. If you have a favorite, please share!

Do I keep the Cellophane on my cigar?

Being a novice cigar smoker, I've thought about this question a lot and honestly debated how to keep my cigars as fresh as possible. So, being the researcher I am, I did a little digging. Here's what I found.  Keeping the Cellophane on the cigars can...

What's this dark slime?

Hello!Every now and then when I smoke a cigar, I get this dark, foul tasting "slime" at the tip of the cigar. I've tried wiping it off and continuing with the cigar, but its usually a signal that its time to put this one down. Is there a proper term ...

The Cigar Journal

As you start your cigar journey, you’ll no doubt feel lost at times and lose track of what cigars you’ve smoked. When I’m in shops I’ll hear someone asking a staff member about a cigar that they enjoyed but they can only describe it by the band or so...

RegC by Lounge Concierge
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What Kind of Cigar Lighter Should I use?

I'm fairly new to the cigar culture, and I have seen some pretty awesome accessories out there, which is great! But, it can also be a bit confusing when I go to choose what type of accessories are best for me. I'm in the market for a reliable, easy-t...