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How do I fix a cigar that isn't burning straight?


Recently I've run into the struggle of my cigars not burning evenly. I'm sure some of it is user error (improper lighting), but is there anything I can do to help combat the issue of the cigar burning faster on one side versus the other?

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I second the above comments and will offer one last tip: as you're puffing, periodically rotate your cigar an eight or a quarter at a time.

You can become highly meticulous about your cigar smoking. I enjoy that it all lends to the ritual of this gentleman's hobby.

Merch Manager
Merch Manager

Going to echo the above, some people act like doing a little touch up with the torch is the end of the world and I couldn't disagree more. I'd rather touch it up and get that even burn with distributed flavors than suck it up with an uneven burn.


For an issue with canoeing (burring on one side, not the other) I just recommend touching it up with a torch on that side, and smoking a bit slower as noted by Kevini.

As for tunneling, a few things you can do, again, smoke a bit slower, but also take a good, sharp cutter and score the wrapper about 1 inch past the burn line, and peel off the wrapper. It is going to change the flavor of the cigar during that burn area, but often this can be an indication of a tightly wrapped cigar in that area, and cutting and loosening the area has often corrected it for me.

The unfortunate thing is bad cigars do happen from time-to-time, with them being a handmade/agricultural product, sometimes things happen. Each type and priming of tobacco can and often does burn at different rates and temperatures. Ligero, which generally gives cigars strength often burns much slower (you may often see a little cone on the tip of your cigar). Viso and seco support combustion, however if, in the binding and rolling process the tobacco leaf gets off centered a bit, you can see the thicker and slower burning Ligero toward or at the side of a cigar, leading to burn issues.

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Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

I always recommend to try smoking it a bit slower. Give some more time in between draws and try to take one long draw as opposed to puffing on it a couple of times in a row - the worst thing you can do for your cigar is get the ember burning too hot.

At the end of the day though, I don't put too much stock in whether a cigar burns perfectly even and needs any touching up or not - that's what a lighter is for after all!