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Do we really need 3+ burner lighters?

Petite Edmundo

This is more of a fun inquiry into all of ya'lls thoughts on the subject. I have my fair share of cigar accessories, but I find myself always reaching for the simple single flame lighter. I feel like its all you need to light the whole foot plus precise touchups all in one. 2 flame is good as well. But when you get up to 3+ flames I feel like its overkill and just a waste of fuel.

Anyone else agree? Or am I off my rocker?

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Merch Manager
Merch Manager

I usually go for a double or single flame lighter, anything more seems a bit overkill to me. If you haven't used the new Xikar Hedron lighter yet, I definitely recommend it. It's a single flame with a torch inside of a large soft flame - it's become my new go to.


I agree! Quad flame is a waste. I like to take my time lighting a cigar (I know, username is ironic) so the sales pitch of "light it up in no time" doesn't sit well with me. 

I do have a weakness for the pinpoint double flame though...