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Vintage Lighter

Petite Edmundo

_D5A7036.jpgI'm big into antiques and vintage - usually I just find cool clothes or weird home decor, but this time I found a butane lighter shaped like a bird. And I love it. Works great, too. BONUS: the flame turns green when you use it.

However, there is one downside. After some cleaning and tweaking, I found wires and made the mistake of fixing them. So now it also makes very loud, super obnoxious bird sounds when you open it. So there's that. I'll try to post a video because, honestly, words won't do it justice. @joey heard it once and told me to use his lighter instead. I understood.


But I still think it's cool.

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Petite Edmundo

An antique mall! It's butane refillable and everything!


OHH! I love that lighter! Where did you find that!!