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These Are the Coolest Bluetooth Headphones for Everyday and On-the-Go Listening

Lounge Concierge

At times, “perfect is the enemy of good” – unless, of course, when it comes to searching and striving for small upgrades in life that make a big difference. Take the headphones you use for travel, for beach days, for at-home listening and gym training sessions. Until you’ve tried a truly outstanding pair, it’s (somewhat) difficult to spot the difference between merely good sound quality and, well, nearly perfect sound quality.

The best Bluetooth headphones cut the cord, literally, and go far beyond that pair that came with your old iPhone or iPod (remember those?). Whether paired up with hard-charging rock for early morning training or used for relaxed listening to mellow indie rock, Bluetooth headphones are quite literally music to your ears, with sound quality that’s almost like being transported into a recording studio. You needn’t be a professional musician to upgrade your listening with the right pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Kreafunk aBEAT Wireless Headphones

What separates the best Bluetooth headphones from a merely average pair? It could be details like the ability to get 20 hours of playback time on one charge, it could be stylish touches like a vivid array of color options, or it might even be perfectly angled, soft ear cup cushions for an ultra-comfortable listening experience. Add all those features together, and you’ve got a best-selling pair of headphones available at Bespoke Post from Kreafunk.


Apple Beats Solo3 Headphones

Sure, you’re plenty familiar with AirPods, rather pesky at times and difficult to keep track of (and replace). But the tech giant has another listening solution that doesn’t sacrifice on sound quality, although they’re not as easy to transport as diminutive AirPods. They connect easily to other Apple devices, they come in sleek colors like a streamlined matte black, and the fit is optimized for both sound quality and comfort.


Adidas TrueSport FWD-02 Wireless Earbuds

While over-ear headphones are a remarkable way to amp up listening at home or perhaps on the road, something more sporty and compact is ideal for, well, sporting pursuits. Adidas delivers performance in a compact, easy-to-charge package with an ergonomic design, complete with a sleek, comfortable clip that prevents them from slipping out as you pound out miles or reps.


Master and Dynamic MH40 Wireless Headphones

When you first put on a pair of headphones from New York City’s Master and Dynamic, the difference is rather striking. They’re unlike any other on the market, made with the brand’s custom titanium drivers and further bolstered by passive noise isolation technology. Handsome details like lambskin leather in rich colors like deep navy add style points to any listening experience, and from personal experience, these will also draw complements in the wild.


Montblanc Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

The design experts at famed German company Montblanc have perfected the art of subtle, elegant refinement – especially with its handsome writing tools – not to mention dependable performance (see its luxurious watches). It follows, then, that its headphones are a sight to behold, the ultimate splurge in a sleek, premium package. For plugging into your record player, they also feature a headphone jack, but the best use might be on-the-go luxury, from airline lounge to first class and beyond.


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