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Must Visit Cigar Lounges - Las Vegas

Merch Manager
Merch Manager

PCA 2024 has been buzzing across the industry for the last month or so – and for good reason. We saw some amazing releases across a lot of our favorite brands. Personally – the announcement of the new Tatuaje Monster Smash was my favorite news of the season, but I’ll save that for another day. I was so excited about the show that I went out a little early to do some sightseeing in Las Vegas. No, I’m not talking about the casinos, golf, hiking, or any of that stuff, I’m talking cigars of course.

I set out on a mission to visit as many cigar bars, lounges, and small shops as I could to try to really get out there in the community. If you’re ever in Vegas and you’re wondering where you should visit, read on and I’ll give you the quick hits. Stay tuned for some more in-depth content on some cigar and beverage pairings at each of my stops.

Davidoff Cigar Lounge:

- Atmosphere: The ambiance is sophisticated yet cozy, inside bar area is a little on the small side, but is made up for with a great outdoor patio. Perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a leisurely conversation.

- Cigar Selection: From classic blends to limited editions, Davidoff offers a curated selection that caters to both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike. Their knowledgeable staff can assist in finding the perfect cigar to suit your taste.

- Alcohol Selection: The lounge had an impressive array of spirits, including rare whiskies, aged rums, and fine wines, enhancing the overall experience of enjoying a premium cigar.

Davidoff Lounge.png

Casa Fuente:

- Atmosphere: Stepping into Casa Fuente feels like stepping into a world filled with cigar history, with a rich wooden bar, checkered floor patterns, and subtle nods to cigar culture adorning the walls. The atmosphere is vibrant yet relaxed, making it an ideal spot for both a peaceful afternoon and lively gatherings.

- Cigar Selection: Casa Fuente prides itself on offering an extensive selection of cigars, including many rare and extremely elusive blends. Whether you're seeking a beloved favorite or a rare gem, you're likely to find it here. (Oh the super rare stuff is in the cage in the humidor)

- Alcohol Selection: Complementing the premium cigars is a carefully curated selection of spirits, including aged tequilas, single malt Scotches, and small-batch bourbons, ensuring there's a perfect pairing for every palate. If you’re looking for a drink, their famous Mojito does in fact live up to the hype.

Casa Fuente Lounge.png

Montecristo Cigar Bar:

- Atmosphere: With multiple large screens broadcasting sporting events and a lively crowd (I was here for prime time March Madness at the tournament start), Montecristo Cigar Bar exudes an energetic vibe. The spacious layout and comfortable seating make it an ideal destination for socializing with friends or catching the big game.

- Cigar Selection: The bar offers a diverse range of cigars, from well-known brands to boutique labels, ensuring there's something to suit every taste and preference. Whether you prefer a smooth Connecticut or a full-bodied Nicaraguan blend, you'll find plenty of options to explore.

- Alcohol Selection: The bar features an extensive selection of spirits, beers, and wines, with knowledgeable bartenders on hand to recommend the perfect pairing for your cigar. From craft cocktails to rare whiskies, there's no shortage of beverages to enjoy while you relax and indulge in your favorite smoke.

Montecristo Lounge.png

While this is only a small taste of what’s available in Vegas, I can tell you that these 3 lounges were all worth the visits. I had a great experience across the board and if you’re thinking of visiting a lounge while in Vegas, these are ones I would put on your list.

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