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The Best Vinyl Record Players Deliver Crystal-Clear Audio

Lounge Concierge

For as popular as streaming services and elegant, stylish Bluetooth speakers are these days, there’s something deeply refreshing about the snap, crackle and pop of a vinyl record, not to mention the process of thumbing through bins of LPs in a cozy neighborhood shop. There’s an old-world appeal (or at least, a decades-old appeal) of listening to and selecting vinyl records, and the right collection is another marker of good taste.

And of course, what you tend to listen to those records on is another fun (yes, fun!) part of the process. Curating a high-quality vinyl record set-up enhances the experience and could even spur you to add to your collection. If you can dream it, or if you can track down an iconic, hard-to-find LP, rather, the reward isn’t that much unlike finding a perfect, treasured cigar. There are vinyl record player options to enhance your den or living room at every price point, with good looks and crystal-clear sound top of mind.

Crosley Decorative Record Player

Audiophiles might debate the sound quality of a record player that regularly retails for under $200, but if you’re looking to dip your toes into the market, Crosley is as fine a place to start as any. And although “decorative” is in the moniker, this turntable, with a handsome blend of walnut and black, retains its sense of style while also serving as a Bluetooth speaker in the meantime.


U-TURN Audio Orbit Basic Turntable

Trust us when we say this “basic” turntable is anything but basic, with a design that (as the brand says) looks to “make audiophile-grade playback more accessible.” That approach specifically comes from the Orbit Arm 3 one-piece armtube for low resonance, not to mention a customizable belt set-up that allows you to play either 33 or 45RPM records.


JBL Spinner Turntable

JBL makes some of the finest, most durable and portable Bluetooth speakers on the market, and that now extends to a streamlined turntable with 2-in-1 functionality. Pair it up with Bluetooth speakers or hi-fi headphones to enhance your listening experience, and rest easy knowing the aluminum tonearm is made to expertly sense the best flow and rotation for maximum vinyl listening pleasure.


Pro-Ject Essential Turntable Set from SONOS

A great vinyl record player set-up gets even better with the right speakers, like booming ones from audio maker SONOS. They match up nicely with the all-in-one turntable set from noted vinyl masters Pro-Ject. You get an adapter, a sleek speaker and of course, the turntable itself, which adds taste and refinement to any space in a stylish Walnut finish. The best speakers on the market and one of the best vinyl record players? That’s a deal worth shopping.


Wrensilva M1 Hi-Fi Record Console

In the mood to splurge (and we mean, seriously splurge) on an entire hi-fi record console set-up? Wrensilva is about the best of the very best on the market, with its flagship console delivering impressive, handsome Mid-Century Modern style to any living space. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold, and that’s no exaggeration. Six listening modes deliver crisp sound quality, and it also boasts storage space for as many as 175 of your favorite LPs.


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