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The Best Chinos for Men Are a Wardrobe Workhorse - Beau Hayhoe

Lounge Concierge

Just like you find comfort in a reliable cigar brand – while occasionally branching out to try new offerings – your menswear wardrobe can function in much the same way. There’s plenty of potential to find consistent pieces you actually enjoy wearing, rather than feeling uncomfortable or as if you’re being forced to dress up.

But while a classic pair of blue jeans might be too casual for some scenarios, where does the answer lie in your menswear wardrobe? The answer, in fact, lies in finding a pair of the best chinos for men. Named for the cotton cloth that was used to fashion trousers for the British military in hot climates, the chino pant has come a long way over the past two decades. Khaki pants once had a bad reputation – baggy, often pleated, not the most flattering.

But in the same way you expect a cigar brand to deliver a pleasant experience, the best menswear brands are stepping up and doing the chino pant better than ever. Find a pair with stretch fabric in a color that goes beyond khaki, then mix and match with staple pieces like Oxford shirting, a chambray overshirt, a henley or a trucker jacket – these are the pairs to consider ASAP.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Flint and Tinder makes one of the best examples of a modern take on the chino today – they’re part of the lineup at Huckberry, a retailer known for selling everything from rugged waxed trucker jackets to handsome leather boots to smoking accessories. That gives these pants a bit of attitude – they can be worn just like trusty blue jeans (with a T-shirt and sneakers) or with a blazer and leather lace-up dress shoes at the office. Revel in the wide range of colors, sizes and fits.


Taylor Stitch Foundation Pants

Taylor Stitch was founded in San Francisco more than a decade ago with a simple aim: Do the classics of menswear, but in better fabrics and fits. They’ve achieved that with the workhorse Foundation Pants, made from organic cotton in a fit that’s tailored and flattering without being overly tight. Rich colors like Olive add some variety to your wardrobe, and they’ve even been garment-washed, so they’re soft out of the box (unlike some dress pants in your wardrobe).


Bonobos Original Stretch Washed Chinos

Like we said, it used to be the case that chinos were only received for Casual Friday, and they weren’t the coolest or most stylish option to wear. Bonobos changed the game in that regard in the late 2000s, with a pair of custom-made chinos perfected by founder Andy Dunn. Dunn once sold the chinos as a prototype to his friends at weddings, but the rest is now history: They make more pairs of stylish, comfortable stretch chinos than you can shake a stick at, with multiple fit options and stylish colors galore.


Vuori Collins Stretch Chinos

Want chinos that feel nearly as comfortable as sweatpants? Vuori, already a trusted activewear brand, put that same technology into stretch chinos that move with you and function as both comfortable pants at the office and road-ready travel pants with a flattering fit and stylish details. You might end up wanting multiple pairs for every day of the week.


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