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What cigars have the best packaging?


Good morning everyone!

Random thought. What cigar (or company) has the best packaging? My personal favorites are by Tatuaje and Black Label Trading Co. I love Tatuaje's packaging on most of their products, but my favorite by them is the Monster Mash Sampler (click here ), and that's because the box is unique, and the bands are just super clean to me. Black Label does an awesome job too, and my favorite from them is the Salvation (click here! ). I think I love that packaging because I actually have a tattoo of praying hands like that in memory of my best friend. But the rest of the designs just look so good too! What's your favorite packaging?

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Merch Manager
Merch Manager

Tatuaje does a great job of keeping it simple, elegant, and recognizable. Their monster mash box was next level. 

I would also agree BLTC has some great designs, but if you want unique and some items that stand out - Viaje is a trailblazer in that aspect. Their concepts are unlike anything else in the industry.

And last one for me is ADVentura. Every box is so unique and fits perfectly into the overall brand. I'm a little partial to the Explorer Torpedo, but definitely check out their stuff as well!