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Liga Privada Aniversario 10 - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


For years, Liga Privada has set themselves apart from the rest of the pack with their award winning blends, and have since put themselves in a league of their own. I've been a fan of Liga Privada for as long as I have been smoking cigars (as most people are), and I may have just found my favorite Liga blend in Aniversario 10.

Liga Privada Aniversario 10 was launched both as a tribute to the old-school growers in Connecticut who produce the wrapper leaves for Liga Privada blends, and the countless, loyal fans that have stuck with the brand through thick and thin. Utilizing a corojo seed wrapper grown in Connecticut, a San Andres binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian filler tobaccos, Liga Privada Aniversario 10 is full of bold notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and black pepper.

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