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Tatuaje T110 Tuxtla - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


As the fourth (and possibly final) installation in this Tatuaje line of petit robustos, T110 Tuxtla has quickly made its way towards the top of the list of my favorite Tatuaje blends of all time. The same blend as the other 3 releases in the T110 series, Tuxtla's difference (as you could imagine) lies in the toothy San Andres wrapper - a wrapper type that Pete Johnson has been experimenting with more regularly over the past several years.

Tuxtla represents everything that I am looking for in a cigar - notes of black pepper, earth, and cedar on up front, followed by a smooth and slightly sweet finish that ties the bold flavors together. Produced at the My Father factory in Nicaragua, you can expect top-notch tobaccos, and consistent construction. Package all of these things inside a petit robusto (probably my favorite size of cigars) and you have a cigar worthy of "all-time" status. If you haven't smoked T110 Tuxtla yet, this is your sign to grab some now.

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