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Am I The Lancero Lancer or The CigarMagician? A study in the Diesel Disciple and Lancero Cigars


A while back while I was deciding on a social media moniker I was torn between The CigarMagician (I make cigars…disappear) and the Lancero Lancer (or something similar with the term lancero in the name).  You see, the lancero is my favorite vitola, and at my peak of cigars I had over 250 unique lanceros in the tower.  Now days, I am closer to 180, however it is still by far my favorite size when I can actually sit and enjoy a cigar vs. when I am just puffing on one.


Enter the TAA Diesel Disciple Lancero.  Its dark, oily Mexican San Andres wrapper covers an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and a Nicaraguan Habano filler.  I very much enjoyed this cigar, one that I feel got stronger as it was smoked.

@JasonKnight  gifted me this cigar a very short time ago, and it only sat for two or three days before I chopped off the head, threw fire on its foot, and enjoyed this guy.

On the pre-light draw I got either espresso or mocha, combined with earthiness.  In addition, once lit the first third had the espresso or mocha (more cocoa, so likely mocha), with cedar and spice, and the retro had cherry notes with a nice cedar spice. 

Once into the middle, I feel the cocoa and espresso separated a bit, and I noticed more of the espresso on the palate, however it still had a bit of a cocoa aroma.  The cedar spice remained on the retro, but the cherry note kind of faded away, likely due to more noticeable espresso / coffee.

Into the final third of this cigar, the most prominent was still the coffee notes, however the pepper built quite a bit.  As I mentioned earlier I do feel this cigar got stronger in flavor and body as it went along.  The cherry made a slight return on the retro, while the cedar spice definitely remained.  During the entire cigar, the burn was good, however I did have to relight, not due to the cigar, but because I was doing other tasks, and accidentally ignored the cigar for a short period of time.

I am going to smoke you next.I am going to smoke you next.

I feel overall this cigar had a pleasant medium-short finish.  If you like lanceros, and If you find one of these, pick it up and enjoy, or…pick one up and give it to me, I will give it a good home…

~ The CigarMagician, I make cigars...disappear ~
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