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B X 3 = Delicious

Petite Corona

I always love finding the new and exciting releases when I go to different cigar stores. I have gotten to know what to expect to find at certain places, who gets stuff in sooner than others. As well as which stores like to promote the most. After hearing about the CAO BX3 from the PCA that took place a few months ago I was excited to find and try this exciting new Brazilian cigar. 


For those who are wondering, the CAO BX3 includes a  Brazilian mata fina wrapper, a Brazilian Arapiraca binder and fillers from Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua. Savory and spicy sweet are just the start of what I experienced with this cigar. Slight hints of cedar, mild pepper, and the spicy sweetness is what this cigar was all about. I even made sure to give one to a friend to try as well because I was so impressed with it.

If you can find this amazing cigar at your local retailer, be sure to pick one up! 

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I am looking forward to trying one of these


I'm excited to give this one a run. I remember being hooked on the CAO cigars of the past like the MX2, CX2, and especially the LX2.