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Fiat Lux by Luciano - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


I know I tend to be pretty dramatic when it comes to cigars, but Fiat Lux is undoubtedly the best blend in Luciano's portfolio at this point in time. To take it even one step further, it's easily one of the best Sumatra-wrapped blends in all of cigars. 

The thing that surprised me the most about Fiat Lux was how complex it turned out to be. Layered with crisp notes of cream, espresso, and roasted peanuts, and backed by rich flavors of cedar, black pepper, and hummus, Fiat Lux is certainly one of the more nuanced medium-bodied blends I have smoked in some time. The draw was just the right amount of firm and construction was as good as they come, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting anything less.

For what it's worth, Fiat Lux has my full endorsement, and I can't wait to smoke this blend in the other sizes.

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Merch Manager
Merch Manager

I am with you on the Fiat Lux endorsement. Lux is in the name and it does not disappoint. I love everything from the simple gold treatment on the band to the bright Sumatra wrapper - this cigar is luxury.