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Frank Redux

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a box of these last year and finally smoking the last one that I have. One of my all time favorites. Anybody else excited about the new Drac Redux coming soon?

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Petite Edmundo

Loved Frank and Frank Redux! Drac was solid, but I think I'm more excited for when Pete gets to Face or Jason. Boris is smoking especially good right now and while I'm on at Tat reply, the TUXLA's are all on point and awesome!!

Couldn't agree more! I think Face was the unsung hero of the series in all honesty. Cracked open my box of Bride's last week and they seem to be smoking well right now as well. HUGE fan of T110 Tuxtla and I can't wait for all of the new stuff there putting out (especially Lomo de Cerdo, which I will try to get at least 3 bundles of lol)