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Leaf by Oscar Sumatra - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


For me, Leaf by Oscar Sumatra may very well be my favorite blend of the series. It was rich, and sweet with nuanced notes of caramel, cinnamon, cedar and roasted pistachios that provided a medium to full bodied experience that was brimming with flavor. As always, construction was top-notch, and the rustic look and feel of the physical cigar is always something that I have been drawn to.

For those who haven't smoked Leaf by Oscar Sumatra, or any of the three other blends in the series, I suggest that you try them out as soon as possible. And for those who have smoked the Leaf by Oscar series, which blend is your favorite?

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Having just recently smoked my way through the Leaf line, I must say that the corojo was easily my favorite with the sumatra being my close second. I quite enjoy the experience of the Leaf line, what with being wrapped in a tobacco leaf, and highly recommended each of them to anyone interested in trying. 

I have not had the corojo but the Sumatra is fantastic. I’ll have to grab the corojo to try out!