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Cigora's First Annual Cigar Mania

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


Welcome to Cigora’s first annual Cigar Mania! We have picked 16 of our favorite blends, ranked them 1-16 (based on our staff’s consensus rankings), and smoked them head-to-head in win-or-go-home fashion, where only one cigar could come out on top as Cigora’s inaugural Cigar Mania Champion.

We did our collective best to put aside any biases and focus strictly on the overall quality and flavor of the tobacco. The matchups were tough, and the competition was fierce, but after two weeks of smoking incredible cigar after incredible cigar, we were left with only one blend still standing.

Now, it is your opportunity to choose who you think from this pool is the first Cigar Mania Champion for the chance to win free stuff!

Just a couple of rules:

  • To enter, all you need to do is create a community account, and on this post, comment who you think the winning blend is no later than 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023
  • If you choose the winning blend, on your next order you will receive a free Founder’s Kit (4 cigar sampler), free shipping, and 10% off
  • After the winner is announced (which will be on Thursday, March 30th, 2023), anyone who purchases a box of the winning blend will receive a free Cigora Travel Humidor with their purchase

On that note, it’s time to hear your predictions!

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Petite Edmundo

Tatuaje Tuxlta! I mean really these are all great sticks though

Petite Edmundo

Mil Dias from the rafters! 

Petite Edmundo

Aladino Cameroon is my pick to win...Fantastic smoke!


Aladino Cameroon is an underrated masterpiece. 

Petite Corona

It’s gotta be 1. Tatuaje T110 Tuxla the best of the best hands down!


It's been quite the year for upsets in March Madness, so I'm going to carry that over to this tournament and go with the underdog: The #15 seed Black Works Studio Killer Bee

Black Works Studio Killer Bee Cigar in ashtrayBlack Works Studio Killer Bee Cigar in ashtray

Petite Edmundo

I'm calling Dunbarton Sobremesa as the champ. 🏆

Petite Corona

T110 coming for that championship 🏆

Petite Corona

RomaCraft Neanderthal 

Petite Edmundo

Sobremesa FTW

Hell yeah, man. Birds to everyone!


Foundation El WAHWENSAYYY for the W. Disrespected as an 8 seed. Also placing bets on Caldwell Industrialist emerging as a Cinderella story...

Amen amigo! The Maduro is way better IMO and should have placed!

Petite Corona


Petite Edmundo

Guardian of the Farm🤔

Petite Edmundo

Caldwell Industrialist is taking home that W! 

Petite Edmundo

Crowned Heads Mil Dias is totally gonna win this 🎉