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Hello Winter. What are your favorite quick smokes?


With winter upon us, I find myself outback smoking much less frequently. I have a decently shaded patio with outdoor heaters, and I live in the desert, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. We hit 26 degrees just last night. During the colder times of the year I’ll usually head out back after dinner and enjoy a quick smoke and sip some whiskey. As soon as my toes get cold it’s back inside where its nice and warm. Since that doesn’t take very long I’ll usually go for something short and small to enjoy. While there are many options out there, I just wanted to cover a few of my favorites and see what short smokes you all are smoking when it’s more difficult to find ample amount of smoking time due to the cold weather.

Tatuaje Verocu VI No. 5

First, my goto, and a cigar I pretty much always have stocked in my humidor is the Tatuaje Verocu #5. The Verocu #5 is one hell of a cigar and could quite possibly be the best winter/drive-home cigar I have ever had. The flavors are bold as they lead with notes of pepper, sweet brown sugar, cinnamon, rich natural tobacco and bold black cherry undertones. The flavor profile is really bold for such a small little cigar. These are very easy to find and very affordable as well. The only caveat is in most cases they come in cabinets of 50 which in my case, is no big deal.


Illusione ~r~ Rothchildes

My second choice is Illusione’s Rothchiles. This is a great stick. I am a HUGE fan of most anything that Dion has produced and I think that the Rothchildes fills a huge gap in the Illusione portfolio by offering a great experience at a value price. I had to admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first due to my love for his other blends such as the ~88~ and Epernay. He is a stickler for quality and flavor so the thought of him releasing a value cigar made me a bit uneasy as I thought it would be something unlike his other blends made solely for people wanting to smoke his cigars but not pay the price. But I am happy to report that this cigar doesn’t taste any “less expensive”, nor does it wonder too far from the work he’s been doing on his other blends. It’s pretty complex for what it is and offers up a ton of rich, bold flavors while carrying great construction, and burn. This is a damn good cigar at a price that just cannot be beat. A few years ago Dion actually extended the line to include a CT or Connecticut shade version of the cigar for those times when you are craving something just a bit more toned down.


Tatuaje Petite Cazadores Reserva

While I love the Verocu 5’s, the Petit Cazadores Reserve makes for a totally different experience. The Verocu is much more full strength, and spicy while the Reserva is much more flavorful, and milder. Most of the time you consider cigars of this size to lack good construction, but I find that these are on par with just about every other cigar coming out of the My Father factory. This cigar is box worthy for sure and will satisfy any seasoned cigar smoker as well as showcase an excellent cigar to those who just picked up the hobby.

tatuaje_petite_cazadores_reserva_1 copy.jpg

Liga Privada No. 9 Coronet

This is a great example of a great blend miniaturized. With bold flavors of coffee, cedar, musk, black cherry, clove and nutmeg even the smallest version of the Liga Privada No. 9 fires on all cylinders resulting in an exceptional experience. I also like that these come in small tins. There have been a number of time where I carry a tin in my jacket pocket and invite anyone who wants to share a smoke with me outside to burn a quick one.


I’d be real curious to hear what your favorite quick smokes are. I really smoke quite a few of these small format cigars over the winter months and would love to expand my collection a bit this year.

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Merch Manager
Merch Manager

Tatuaje Verocu is unreal, and the Verocu blue might quickly be rising as one of my favorite blends of the year.

Gonna also add one - Tabernacle Torpedo. Shorter size makes it a slightly quicker smoke and still packs a ton of flavor.


Very cool read! 

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

I am a big fan of the Illusione Rothschildes but even those will have me smoking for at least an hour.

I tend to gravitate towards the Tatuaje Petite Cazadores and Tattoo Needles during these cold months.