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I want to try some smaller batch brands

Petite Corona

I smoke a lot of big brand stuff - CAO, Perdomo, Rocky Patel. I want to try some smaller batch brands, but don't know where to start. Any recommendations?

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Lounge Concierge

CLE, Tatuaje, and Adventura often have great small batch options.  I actually enjoy some of the limited CAO runs as well like the Arcana Firewalker.  

Lounge Concierge

Black Label Trading & Black Works Studio, RoMa Craft, Foundation, AdVentura, Crowned Heads, HVC, Viaje, Warped are just a few to get you started

Merch Manager
Merch Manager

I’ll echo a few of the above and add a few of my own. Tatuaje, Viaje, ADVentura, Southern Draw, Caldwell, and Cavalier are top of mind. Caldwell was the first brand I really dove into when I started my journey from National products to more boutique and limited edition brands.