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Viaje Zombie Farmhand Andre - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


If you know anything about me and my cigar smoking habits, you probably already know that I am what some might call "obsessed" with Viaje. Everything from their top notch blends, to their out of the box packaging concepts, to the scarcity of their releases make the brand a perfect storm for collector's like myself. Among my favorite series of releases (and arguably the brand's most popular) is the Zombie line - with tons of different variations, it has continued to impress me year after year. One of my all time favorite Zombie releases, Farmhand Andre, is back and better than ever. 

Although Viaje didn't disclose any specifics about the blend, what I can tell you is that it is as complex of a blend as I have had in quite some time. Notes of dark chocolate, earth, and leather lead the charge and are followed by undertones of cedar, clove, and black tea, that are rounded out by a distinctly sweet finish. Add the top notch packaging and story to a blend this good and you've got a truly special release from one of the best companies to ever do it. 

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