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Xikar® Tactical Triple-jet Flame Lighter: Say Goodbye to the Convenience Store Lighter

Petite Edmundo




Over the past 15 years there has been two constants in my life; cigars and working in unfavorable environments for such a hobby.  From my time in the military living in the mountains of Afghanistan to working law enforcement in major metropolitan cities; things usually got rattled, dropped, battered and wet.  A lesson I learned early on is “don’t carry a lighter you weren’t ready to lose or destroy.” Since then my trusted source for a controlled flame was a $20 torch you find at the register of your local tobacconist or convenience store. A little while back I was introduced to the Xikar® Tactical Triple-jet Flame Lighter. At a modest asking price of $99 for a premium accessory company, this lighter already botched my first rule.  The question is, can a lighter with that value and Xikar’s assurance prove my philosophy wrong?


       Before we even plunge into my impressions of the lighter we have to discuss the anatomy. The Xikar® Tactical Triple-jet Flame Lighter has 3 in-line flames with both outside flames slightly angled to produce a triangle flame. The flame is controlled by an oversized adjustment wheel located at the foot of the lighter.  The butane levels can easily be inspected through Xikar’s patented double EZ-View™ red fuel window. The lighter comes with a removable low-profile pocket/belt clip for security, is wind resistant and supported by Xikar’s limited lifetime warranty. The lighter comes in four colors; black, black & gunmetal, gunmetal & black and tan & black. Now let us get to why you’re really here, how does it perform?

            First impressions this lighter is solid.  It has some weight to it, not too much that it’s a burden to carry but enough that you know it can handle a beating. The outside of the lighter is covered in grooves and diamond print to help avoid those butter fingers.  There is a sturdy pocket/belt clip that is secured tightly by 3 screws that would require a screw driver to remove.  The adjustment wheel is large while still being subtly concealed in the frame, definitely something you could manipulate while wearing bulky gloves. The burners and igniter are safe behind a flip up top that keeps a tight seal. The EZ-View™ red window is highly appreciated; you don’t miss an ounce of butane. Lastly, the igniter switch is large, gripped, and has enough tension that you won’t be setting your pants on fire.

            This lighter spent a month with me in our nation’s capital before I sat down to write my thoughts. During this time we experience rain and snow, freezing temperatures and sunny 70 degree days. Throughout this time the lighter never skipped a beat. The flame was always reliable, the belt clip kept it tightly secured in my pocket, a breeze to fill up and most importantly, survived those oh so common falls. I had my doubts before this lighter arrived; I was prepared for the familiar results of my early years of cigars. Today I sit here a reformed man, Xikar truly built something that holds true to its name and avoided adding the dreaded “military grade,” moniker. If you’re walking a beat, patrolling a combat zone or relaxing in your local lounge, I promise you, this is your lighter.

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