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Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente

Cigora’s Humidor Tour



As you probably already know, I love smoking cigars; all of us do here at Cigora. But as of recently I’ve concluded that I oftentimes find more enjoyment in admiring my humidor and collection more than I do in smoking the cigars themselves - this is sustainable with my own personal collection of cigars at home, but when it comes to our staff humidor in the office, I can’t count on these precious blends to make it through the week.

Everything in our staff humidor is up for grabs, meaning if I don’t smoke it, somebody else will and I will miss out on the opportunity to smoke something that I’m intrigued by. Case in point, we had a collectible bundle of Tatuaje Lomo de Cerdo in the humidor just a couple of weeks ago.

It sat, untouched, for a week where I was able to admire its beauty every day when I peeked into the humidor. When I came into the office on Monday morning, it was savagely ripped apart, half of the cigars were missing, and presumably smoked, while the remains of the butcher paper lay in the trash can like a piece of garbage. To say I was heartbroken would be an understatement, but from that point on I vowed to change my ways and smoke everything that was in the humidor. So, for the past couple of weeks that is what I have done.

What We’ve Been Smoking:


As you can see from the pictures, we have a bunch of different singles in our humidor, most of which have started as full boxes but have been mostly smoked leaving only a couple of sticks. We have a few boxes of that we just stocked in the humidor over the past couple of days like BLTC La Madonna Negra 10 Year Anniversary, Guardian of the Farm Rocco, HVC Hot Cake, and Undercrown 10, so those will be on the menu almost daily for the foreseeable future.

We recently took a trip up to Connecticut to visit the wonderful team at Foundation, check out the fields and curing barns, and talk “biz”. The hospitable Nick Melillo sent us back with a bunch of top shelf stuff, including some of their newest releases like Charter Oak Pegnataro, Charter Oak Pasquale, Metapa, and Olmec, as well as some of their staples like The Wise Man Maduro, Tabernacle, and my favorite, a couple of first run El Gueguense Churchills that have been aging like a fine wine for the last 8 years.   

We also have a lot of stuff from PCA that we’ve been slowly but surely smoking our way through. Although there isn’t much of this stuff left, we still have a couple Mil Dias Topes’, Plasencia Cosecha 151’s, Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut’s, RoMa Craft Quinquagenario’s, and a couple of Tatuaje’s newest blends that were launched that the show (I admittedly have smoked most of these over the past week).

A couple of stragglers that came from almost completely smoked boxes, like Viaje Birthday Blend, Sin Compromiso, RoMa Craft Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion, Ozgener Pi Synethesia, Room101 Daruma, Stillwell Star, Crowned Heads La Vereda (which might be my favorite CH blend to date), and Illusione Fume D’Amour, likely won’t make it to the end of the week.

Wrapping Up:


We try our best to keep our humidor pretty well stocked most of the time, but this is admittedly the emptiest that it has been in some time, so I guess it’s time to sit down for an hour and decide what we want to smoke next. As I write this, I am committing to smoking whatever is the humidor – no more fuss, no more gazing like a kid in a candy shop, no more “collecting” (at least in the office humidor). I learned my lesson the hard way.

We are always looking for new stuff to smoke, or just revisiting blends we haven’t smoked in some time, so be sure to leave a comment with your suggestions and let us know what you’ve been smoking recently.