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Cigora’s Official Gift Guide

Gifts that are Sure to Wow the Enthusiast in Your Life


Setting the Stage:

For better or for worse, the Holiday season is finally upon us, and although this is supposed to be a time for celebration and giving thanks, it wouldn’t truly be the yuletide without a little bit of stress sprinkled in. I have some good news though! Depending on what your source of stress is this holiday season, we might be able to help you out a bit.

Not sure what gift to get for your cigar-loving family member or friend? Well don’t fret, we have you covered with Cigora’s Official Gift Guide – piece of cake!

Losing your mind about your in laws coming into town and spending the next two weeks squatting at your house? Sorry, nothing I can do to help you with that. Well…if they enjoy a good top-shelf cigar every now and again, we have just what you need to get them out of the living room for an hour or two so you can watch Home Alone 2: Lost in New York again.

Whatever cigar-related needs you may have for the holidays this year, Cigora is your one stop shop for all things cigars. We have put together a list of the best gifts that are sure to impress even the most experienced palate, so don’t waste any more time trying to find the perfect gift for the cigar-lover in your life – you might as well treat yourself too while you’re at it.

Enough of my small talk, let’s jump into Cigora’s Official Gift Guide!

Cigora’s Official Gift Guide:

1. Davidoff LE Sampler


  • Price Point: $217.00
  • Number of Cigars: 6

The only way to make a better impression than with a Davidoff sampler, is with a Davidoff Limited Edition Sampler. Including some of the most sought-after and hard to find products on the market like Davidoff Year of the Tiger, Davidoff Year of the Ox, Davidoff Chef’s Edition 2021, and Davidoff Winston Churchill Limited Edition 2021, this sampler is as top-shelf as top-shelf gets. Quantities are very limited with this sampler, so I wouldn’t expect them to last too long.

2. 2022 Tatuaje Advent Calendar


  • Price Point: $200.00
  • Number of Cigars: 24

Tatuaje is one of the best in the business when it comes to limited-edition cigars and their 2022 Advent Calendar is your chance to get a once in a lifetime release from them. The 2022 Tatuaje Advent Calendar features 24 undisclosed blends, but if it is anything like 2021’s release, you should expect some seriously limited-edition cigars that include Monster Series and special, holiday-themed releases.

3. New Year’s Sampler


  • Price Point: $44.99
  • Number of Cigars: 5

As far as I am concerned, it’s never a bad time to celebrate and with New Year’s quickly approaching, it’s about time to start prepping for the biggest celebration of the year. Our New Year’s Sampler includes super-premium blends that are as perfect for the cigar-enthusiast as they are for the novice. Five mellow, but exceptionally flavorful blends are the perfect way to end the party in style without being overwhelmed after a long night of eating and drinking.

4. Davidoff Figurado Sampler


  • Price Point: $139.60
  • Number of Cigars: 6

Why not treat yourself or someone special in your life with the best that the industry has to offer? Davidoff has been at the top of the class for decades at this point with no signs of slowing – everything from their core, white-label lines to their yearly, limited-edition releases have been nothing short wildly successful. Try out some of Davidoff’s most beloved blends including Aniversario, Millennium, Escurio, Nicaragua, and Yamasa with the Davidoff Figurado Sampler.

5. Ashton VSG Sampler


  • Price Point: $67.99
  • Number of Cigars: 5

Ashton’s VSG sampler is your chance to get a taste of one of the industry’s most prized blends from an absolutely legendary brand. The universal acclaim that VSG has garnered since it’s launch in the late 90’s has been well deserved – aged Dominican fillers, an exquisite Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, and flawless construction are just a few of the things that make Ashton VSG an absolute homerun. Not to mention, you’ll get to sample the best sizes of VSG at a reasonable price before you undoubtedly end up buying a full box.

6. Founder’s Kit


  • Price Point: $29.99
  • Number of Cigars: 4

An expertly crafted sampler that showcases blends from some of the industry’s best cigar manufacturers is your perfect introduction to the world of Cigora. Including brands like La Aroma De Cuba, Crowned Heads, ADVentura, and Room101, our Founder’s Kit will appeal to any palate and as our gift to you, we are offering it at an unbelievably affordable price. The perfect gift for the cigar-lover in your life, Cigora’s Founder’s Kit is just the beginning of our mission here at Cigora.

7. Undercrown Shade Sampler Box


  • Price Point: $47.99
  • Number of Cigars: 5

One thing that I always try to communicate to people is the idea that you don’t have to spend $15.00 on a cigar to have an excellent experience. Drew Estate’s Undercrown Shade is the prime example of this – a cigar for under $10.00 that can hold its own against blends twice its price. Five Undercrown Shade Toros, an Undercrown Shade branded lighter, a nifty custom box, and a buy in price at under $50.00; what more could you ask for?

8. Ashton Sampler Collection


  • Price Point: $111.99
  • Number of Cigars: 10

Ol’ reliable, Ashton is back with a custom boxed collection of some of their finest blends to date. With ten award-winning cigars expertly crafted by the legendary Fuente family, the Ashton Sampler Collection will give you ten opportunities to indulge in a smoking experience you have never experienced before. With blends designed to impress even the most experienced palate, the Ashton Sampler Collection is sure to impress anyone.

9. Oliva Serie ‘V’ Sampler


  • Price Point: $49.00
  • Number of Cigars: 5

At this point, it seems like Serie ‘V’ is the new standard for Oliva – highly-rated, perfectly constructed, and uber flavorful, Serie ‘V’ delivers a smoking experience like no other. The best part of this Oliva Serie ‘V’ Sampler is you’ll get the chance to try five of the best sizes of Serie ‘V’ without breaking the bank. The Serie ‘V’ blend has been turning heads for years and now is your chance to turn heads with a beautifully packaged gift of five top-notch, Nicaraguan puros.

Closing Thoughts:

There you have it, Cigora’s Official Gift Guide that is loaded with perfect gift ideas for the cigar-enthusiast in your life. As a fellow cigar-enthusiast I can assure you that there is no wrong choice here – everything on this list is bound to bring smiles to the faces of aficionados and novices alike.

I would really encourage everyone to get their shopping done early and be able to check another box off their list with something from Cigora’s Official Gift Guide.

Everyone and I from the Cigora team wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season! Now that my spiel is done, I can get back to researching the best eggnog recipes.


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