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Viaje Skull & Bones MOAB - Review

Lounge Presidente
Lounge Presidente


Viaje Skull and Bones is a series that goes back over a decade ago, and with over 50 different releases to this point, it is showing no signs of slowing down. The best part of the Skull & Bones series is that each release consists of different tweaks to the blend, resulting in unique experiences with each cigar. Although I have been a huge fan of the Skull & Bones series for years, one of the "newer" releases, MOAB, may have taken the crown as my favorite Skull & Bones blend. 

The Nicaraguan puro MOAB is a masterclass in the combination of power and finesse that makes it stand out in the Skull & Bones series of releases. Notes of leather, mocha, and and black cherry lead the charge and are followed by a nutty and spicy finish that rounds out this full-bodied blend. If you're looking to get a taste of what the Skull & Bones series is about, then MOAB is probably a good place to start. 

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Lounge Concierge

Viaje is one of my favorites. The new Skull & Bones Tsar Bomba Red is awesome too!

Petite Edmundo

Can't wait to give this a try! 😍