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Guardian of the Farm

Guardian of the Farm is definitely on the radar tonight, although there are a lot of other good choices as well! Which cigar in this picture would you choose?  

MicrosoftTeams-image (16).jpg

Freud Super Ego

I just smoked my first Freud and it was pretty solid. The Super Ego lancero had a lot of character and registered in the medium range with full flavor, which is where I love my cigars. Their new release Agape is just hitting and Eladio Diaz blended i...

La Manzanita - Work Break

Decided after lunch I needed a nice Monday pick me up. Turned to the new Manzanita Lancero and I'm not disappointed! This new size adds a whole new level to an already incredible cigar.

Southern Draw La Manzanita.jpg
matthewp by Merch Manager
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Viaje Zombie and Bday Blends are in stock!!!

I can’t believe that they have these Viaje Zombie Peppers and Birthday Blend. These were sold out everywhere I looked within hours. I can’t complain though, I just picked up a 5 pack of each!Viaje Zombiehttps://www.cigora.com/p/cigars/list-of-brands/...

Ave Maria Lionheart by A.J. Fernandez

These are the days that I hate the most. Sitting in front of my computer for 10-12 hours editing videos and podcasts, and making changes to the website. At least I have a good cigar to help me pass the time. This is the first time I have smoked an Av...


Southern Draw

I just love this Manzanita! Goes great with a rye old-fashioned or a good ol’ Guinness. Looking forward to trying their new lancero soon. The Southern Draws are all good. What’s your favorite?

john_35 by Petite Edmundo
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Cohiba Conneticut

Today I am enjoying my favorite Cohiba, the Connecticut. Some people tend to shy away from this cigar because of the light Connecticut wrapper, but I tell them not to be fooled. Hiding under this wrapper is a Mexican San Andres binder and a host of s...


Guardian Nightwatch

Good morning, Lounge!I'm working from home on this gorgeous fall day in Pennsylvania, so decided it was a perfect time to finally try the Guardian Nightwatch JJ BP I've had sitting in my humidor for over a week now.  Good choice, if I do say so mysel...


First Caldwell Smoke

Just picked up a few 5-packs of Caldwell as I have not tried anything in that line before. Started out with the Eastern Standard and I'm hooked! I don't usually smoke Connecticut cigars very often, but this one is unlike any other Connecticut I have ...

Caldwell-Eastern-Standard.PNG Caldwell-Eastern-Standard.PNG
matthewp by Merch Manager
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Charter Oak Connecticut

This afternoon I am enjoying a Charter Oak Connecticut from Foundation Cigar Company.  oakThe #1 question I get online is, “I’m new to cigar smoking; what would you recommend?”. 100% of the time, I ask if they have tried anything in the Charter Oak l...


What should I smoke?

So I need some help! I'll be stopping over a friends for an hour or two this weekend for a little bonfire and I am only going to have time for one cigar. I have a couple in mind that I pulled from the humidor but I just can't seem to decide which one...

KevinI by Lounge Presidente
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Friday Night Smoke.

 What are we smoking tonight? I’ve chosen one of my favorite go to. The AJ Fernandez San Lotano Requiem. Happy Fernandez Friday!!

TimBigAsh by Petite Edmundo
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A cigar rolled by Don Pepin Himself?!?!

It is said that Don José “Pepin” García rolls each of the Solomon Series JJ himself.  It is also told he holds a record for an incredible number of Churchill cigars rolled in a certain time frame.  Either way, I bought a 5 count box a while ago, and ...

Cigora Pepin.jpg 091.jpg

The best time of the year!

Nothing better than an a Northeastern fall day, especially with a Mil Dias LE 2021 Magico in hand! Any other Crowned Heads fans here?

Mil Dias 2021.jpg
KevinI by Lounge Presidente
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Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua Review

The Good Stuff:The Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua become instantly famous when it was announces as Cigar Aficianado’s Cigar of the Year in 2019. The cigar is blended in collaboration with Boutique Blends’ owner Rafael Nodal and the famous master blende...

aging-room-quattro-nicaragua-1.png aging-room-quattro-nicaragua-3.png aging-room-quattro-nicaragua-2.png aging-room-quattro-nicaragua-4.png


The AVO XO is on of my go-to Avo cigars. It's light and creamy but still has a little kick to it. It's great as a first of the morning cigar, but it's bold enough to be a winding down the evening kind of cigar. 


What do you like to do while smoking a cigar?

It is said that music sooths the savage soul…Are you someone who wants the cigar to be the focus of the moment, or do you prefer to “do something else” while smoking?  I find my favorite thing to do while puffin’ and sippin’ is to listen to music.  S...


Aging Room Nicaraguan

Tonight I'm smoking probably my favorite Aging Room cigar, the Quattro Nicaraguan. If you've never smoked anything by Rafael Nodal, I suggest you start with this one for sure! Luckily, you can pick them up here on Cigora!!https://www.cigora.com/p/cig...