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Just smoked the Tatuaje Cohetes Habano. It was the only one of the three blends that I hadn't smoked yet. It was really good, but think I am still leaning towards the sumatra as my favorite. Anybody else smoke all three blends? If so what is your fav...

KevinI by Lounge Presidente
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Warped Cigar Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch

Anytime Agnorsa Leaf and Warped Cigar collaborates you know you’re in for a treat. A continuation of their Guaridan of the Farm line the Nightwatch is a medium bodied Nicaraguan puro. Flavors of spice, leather, pepper throughout the burn with a cream...

TimBigAsh by Petite Edmundo
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Montecristo Nicaragua Series – Core Line Dynamo

 In Greek mythology King Midas was revered for his ability to turn anything he touches into gold, which is where the adage “gold touch,” or “Midas touch,’ was derived from. Over the past decade if could be said that Abdel “AJ,” Fernandez has the “Mid...

TimBigAsh by Petite Edmundo
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The Original Documents

It’s been a while since I really stepped back and took a hard look at any of the Original Documents cigars from Illusione. Normally, I just sit back, relax, and smoke them. This time, I take the ~cg:4~ out or a spin on the review train.The Good Stuff...

orignal documents.jpg orignal documents2.jpg orignal documents3.jpg

Warped Cigar La Hacienda

 The rebirth of a Cuban relic, La Hacienda is a Nicaraguan puro that is medium bodied with notes of nuts, fruits and a creamy finish. La Hacienda translate to “The Ranch,” I think that sounds like a great place to be! #warpedcigar #lahacienda #nicara...

TimBigAsh by Petite Edmundo
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Evening cigar, Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration

It is said that Carlos Fuente Sr. dictated the blend of this cigar to the factory over the phone before he passed away in August 2016.  As I relax on my front porch, I think back to conversations with Sr. at the Chateau, and enjoy this fine cigar wit...

Ancnoc.jpg Devine.jpg

Continuing my Global Domination

The other night I shared my Tatuaje while playing through a game of Civilization IV.  Tonight I am continuing that mission with a slight tweak. Now I am enjoying a Foundation The Tabernacle Havana Seed CT David Perfecto.With this cigar in hand, the r...

20220719_183158.jpg 20220719_185147.jpg

November 2019 Cohiba Spectre #2, Smoked Today.

Cohiba Spectre #2 rolled in 2019, and family!  Started the day with BBQ (again), then a trip to the liquor store (I shouldn’t be allowed in there), now smoking this cigar that retailed at $100.  Also, enjoying three whiskeys, Macallan 12 Sherry cask,...


Aganorsa Rare Leaf

The Aganorsa Rare Leaf, to me personally this cigar is great anytime of the day. Sometimes this will be my morning smoke with a nice cup of Café Con Leche. What are some of your favorite morning smokes?  


I'm Getting a Brazilian

I have recently been enjoying the Brazilian tobacco varieties.  Great flavor and depth.  Hope to see more coming in the fall after this years trade shows.  

Do you have a "Holy Grail" Cigar?

I think most of us have that one cigar that is ‘just out of reach’, or the one we just cannot find, no matter how much we look.  Whether it is a Cuban Cohiba Presidente that Castro himself had to hand you, one of the Havana Davidoffs before they dest...


Half-Christmas Heater

Decided to celebrate this joyous holiday in style! Anyone think this was a collab between Andre Farkas and old Chris Kringle?Wish I had picked up more when I had the chance because this cigar was A-!Each cigar packaged to look like a candy cane too w...

Viaje Holiday Blend.jpg
Kirv by Petite Edmundo
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